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Live Remote Training

360 Fit Performance has helped develop 1,000s of athletes an individuals to become the best physcial self them can become. Our proven methods now can be accessed via the wonderful technology we live with today.

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Sports Performance Training

Designed for the High-Performance high school, college and professional athlete. This program was created for the dedicated athlete who aspires to compete at an optimal level of athletics beyond high school. The program consist of numerous activities: strength and conditioning, nutrition, speed, agility, position development, film study, and game day preparation. Each athlete will be held to a high standard of conduct. High school athletes will be provided with information on NCAA requirements for academic, SAT, ACT preparatory courses available and upcoming recruiting events, such as camps and combine, etc.

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Personal Training

360fit personal training sets a high standard of excellence in exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy, program development, exercise application, health screenings, and fitness assessment. Every personal trainer uses our state of the art fitness software to educate and keep accountability while motivating and seeing results from each and every client.

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