The 360fit Performance Philosophy

Our philosophy is based solely on the individual learning and understanding that it is a fitness lifestyle that we want to help create for them. We feel regardless of any profession they choose to pursue. It is imperative that they know in order to be the bestn you must feel your best. Living a healthy lifestyle for YOURSELF and not your sport or job.

The word PERFORMANCE: it has been associated with sports specific training. We feel your performance is everything you do in life. Not just the sport you play. When understanding how both work in conjunction. FIT& PERFORMANCE . You will begin to take your game and life to the highest levels..

360fit performance provides a developmental program from a grass roots perspective. * Taking young student athletes and developing success stories. Just since 2003. * 360fit is the only company in the country. That can say we will develop you from youth- high school to college and then to the Pro's. Our track record proves it. We are proud to be able to empower young student athletes and help them reach there goals. Whether that's playing a professional sport or having success in a profession they choose. Our mission is to educate and provide a positive, family first and fun atmosphere. We fill creating this type of atmosphere is contagious and provides a positive influence on young students lives,with fitness being our vehicle. Our training is unmatched. Our pros mentor our college athletes and our college athletes mentor our youth - high school athletes. Where else in the country can you go as a young athlete and get a opportunity to train with some of the best trainers in the country and alongside some the best athletes in there respected profession? NO WHERE!

How do we do it?

360fit has built a great network and relationships that we continue to grow. We have relationships with area and national high school coaches, AAU, and major university's and college coaches.

We instill to student athletes how important it is to be a great player and person. They also understand that they are paving the way for the next athlete that will get a oppurtunity to pursue there dream and it is imperative that they go and represent themselves,families and the 360fit performance family with the utmost respect. When they do that as athletes. They win the respect of there coaches and university's. With there success. Is the next person success. This is how we gain the trust and respect from some of the best college coaches in the country. They know what they are getting in a 360fit athlete. An all around athlete and good genuine person. Which is priceless.