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Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training


Designed for the High-Performance high school, college and professional athlete. This program was created for the dedicated athlete who aspires to compete at an optimal level of athletics beyond high school. The program consist of numerous activities: strength and conditioning, nutrition, speed, agility, position development, film study, and game day preparation. Each athlete will be held to a high standard of conduct. High school athletes will be provided with information on NCAA requirements for academic, SAT, ACT preparatory courses available and upcoming recruiting events, such as camps and combine, etc.


Develop and enhance athletic performance for athlete’s aged 12-18. Experts view the ages of 12-18 the most ideal age for developing speed, strength and power over an athlete’s lifetime, this program was developed using cutting techniques to produce maximal improvements in athletic performance.

Maximize your Potential and Minimize your Weakness

Getting the most from your workout requires an exercise program that is designed with a particular purpose in mind. To be really effective, an exercise program needs to target a specific MUSCLE GROUP and isolate it to maximize results.

Our programs are designed to educate and are constantly changing so that each program is never the same. These programs will help ANY individual, on any fitness level improve.

All of our programs are designed to both strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. The combination of improved strength and greater flexibility allows you to operate more efficiently through a full range of motion, improving your performance and reducing your risk of injury. Even if you have never done anything more than a single push-up or sit-up, you’ll find that concentrating on one area at a time allows you to focus better and learn what really works.

For the more experienced individual, our fitness programs will help you sharpen your focus and give you an opportunity to do something other than your normal routine, helping you advance to a higher fitness level!