360 Fit Performance Programs


The performance evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for these specific reasons:
  • Assesses the current level of an athlete’s ability
  • Allows for proper grouping of the athletes in our program
  • Allows for proper grouping exercise prescriptions to be developed
  • Allows us to record and monitor progress while in our program

This aspect of our program is what we consider the most important. Without understanding individual strength and weaknesses of you or your athlete, you cannot be sure that you are working on the right need in training. The performance evaluation is mandatory for every athlete that enters the 360Fit Program. During the evaluation, athletes will be taught how to warm-up properly, be examined during running analysis, and be tested in physical speed and strength tests. After the evaluation, every athlete and or parent will meet the evaluation trainer or coach and review the results. At that time, the parent and athlete will have the correct information to select the appropriate program to fit his or her needs.


Develop and enhance athletic performance for athlete’s aged 12-18. Experts view the ages of 12-18 the most ideal age for developing speed, strength and power over an athlete’s lifetime, this program was developed using cutting techniques to produce maximal improvements in athletic performance.


Designed for the High-Performance high school, college and professional athlete. This program was created for the dedicated athlete who aspires to compete at an optimal level of athletics beyond high school. The program consist of numerous activities: strength and conditioning, nutrition, speed, agility, position development, film study, and game day preparation. Each athlete will be held to a high standard of conduct. High school athletes will be provided with information on NCAA requirements for academic, SAT, ACT preparatory courses available and upcoming recruiting events, such as camps and combine, etc.


360Fit has developed a concept for the athlete to experience an exciting and affordable program that could be used in-season, as well as off season.


Coaches know that championship teams are composed of more than just purely athletic players. A super team today has to be strong, fast, and flexible with great nutrition and a solid mental attitude. 360Fit has composed a program geared towards teams, which will help develop their overall unity, as well as their athletic skills. The 360 team has trained numerous high school teams and AAU programs around MD, DC and VA areas for over 15 years.


The 360 Training Team got its start 16 years ago by creating speed camps for athletes of all ages around the country. Speed camps are a great way to deliver vital training information as well as improve performance of the athletes in your community.